Malaga Association for Studies and Social Research


We are an association created in Málaga in 2009, whose objectives are, among others, the promotion of culture, development cooperation, promotion of actions and research in various fields, especially in the social, Support through training for groups that are difficult to include in the labor market and for groups at risk of social exclusion (especially young people), promotion and economic development through studies and actions to create jobs , the development of entrepreneurship and the promotion of the economic fabric, in particular by supporting the development of newly created SMEs and the self-employed, promotion and social development through various studies and research. And finally the collaboration with the Chair of Employment and Social Protection of the University of Málaga.


  1. Formation activities. We have carried out various training activities in collaboration with different institutions: University of Málaga, International University of Andalusia, Trade Unions, Andalusian Police School, Municipality of Costa del Sol Municipalities, Diputación de Málaga, Town halls, etc.

  2. Cultural activities. Of different draft, including Conferences, Congresses and Seminars.

  3. Diverse research. In terms of employment, social protection, labor law, etc. Including specialized reports at the request of various entities.

  4. Editing of books for the dissemination of studies and research carried out.

  5. European projects and international cooperation with various institutions for the promotion of youth and university employment and for various studies and research.